From Le Managier de Paris

Waffles are made in four ways. In the first, beat eggs in a bowl, then salt and wine, and add flour, and moisten the one with the other, and then put in two irons little by little, each time using as much batter as a slice of cheese is wide, and clap between two irons, and cook one side and then the other; and if the iron does not easily release the batter, anoint with a little cloth soaked in oil or fat.

The second way is like the first, but add cheese, that is, spread the batter as though making a tart or pie, then put slices of cheese in the middle, and cover the edges; thus the cheese stays within the batter and thus you put it between two irons.

The third method, is for dropped waffles, called dropped only because the batter is thinner like clear soup, made as above; and throw in with it fine cheese grated; and mix it all together.

The fourth method is with flour mixed with water, salt and wine, without eggs or cheese.

The recipe I used is an blanched almond flour base by Elana, of  Elana’s Pantry

But any recipe you like with work.

I have tried both recipes that incorporate cheese.  Of the two, I enjoyed the first method which used a slice of cheese, instead of shredded cheese.  It was much more like a grilled sandwich.

Helpful hints:

Make sure the iron is oiled properly to prevent sticking of the waffle batter and especially the cheese.

When using the slice of cheese,  use a spoon to cover the cheese with batter.

When using shredded cheese,  make sure to mix up the batter each time so you don’t end up with the last batch having all the cheese.

Do not overfill the iron!

Waffles with Shredded Cheese

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